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Taking care of your project is our goal. To this end, Precicast Br offers the following additional services:

  • Toolmaking;
  • Machining;
  • Destructive and non-destructive testing;
  • Heat and surface treatments;
  • Simultaneous engineering — development and process;
  • Supply of assembled systems;
  • Prototyping.

The quality in precision casting and micro-melting you need!


With the capacity to produce parts weighing between 1g and 30kg and lengths of up to 400mm (depending on geometry), Precicast Br works with various steel alloys (low alloy, carbon, stainless), cast iron, and special steel alloys such as cobalt, nickel, PL 33-M10 and IDM's, to meet the production demands of industry, especially in the following sectors:

Auto parts

(cars, trucks, motorcycles and others)

Centrifugal pumps
Components for medical and hospital instrumentation
Sanitary fittings and others
Fastening/handling equipment
Locks / security equipment
Hand and cutting tools
Agricultural implements
Pharmaceutical industry
Machinery and mechanical applications in general
Machinery and equipment for the food and beverage industry
Textile machinery
Orthopaedic prostheses and implants

The precision casting process, also known as lost wax, is used in the production of metal parts, in which almost any alloy can be used. Although history dates the use of the precision casting process to the manufacture of art pieces, today the process has been used on a large scale in the most diverse market segments and with the most varied geometries.

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